The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain. – Author unknown


God… Abusive Father or a Father that Loves?

a-jesus_on_the_cross-1408522Like many Christians, I long believed God was an angry father… and a violent one at that. A father that was only appeased by nailing his Son to a cross and all the rage he felt towards me, a pitiful sinner, was taken out on Jesus so as God might be able to look at me without feeling ill for my detestable sin. Even on my best day I could never measure up to his demands of holiness and purity, for years I identified myself as a ‘stench in the nostrils of God’.

Oh but now… but now! I have been born-again – again :-) I have a faith of my own (not the inherited/flawed version that I received as a child), my faith is in a Loving God who loves me allllll the wayyyy allll the time – just because!

I read a story recently, recorded as being a true account, of a young woman who was ticketed for speeding. Because of the offense she was to go to court and have her case heard. When she stood before the judge, he re-counted the speeding offense and she was asked, “Guilty or not guilty?” She plead, “Guilty.” The judge struck the bench with his gavel and fined her $100 or ten days in jail. Then the most stunning moment… he stepped down from his bench, took off his judicial robe and paid the young woman’s fine. Why? He was her father. He loved his daughter, yet he was a just judge. He could not simply overlook the infraction of law because the offender was his daughter. But he could take off the robe and step down to her position, assume the role of a father and pay the fine.

This father – daughter story demonstrates a powerful analogy of what God did for us through Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “The wages of sin is death”, and we are all sinner saved by Grace… what Grace? The Grace that God extended us when His Son was nailed to the cross.  No matter how much he loved us, because He is a righteous and just God, he had to bring down the gavel and say death, the penalty was issued and required payment. While He is a God of justice He is above all a God of Love, He loved us so much that He was willing to come down off the throne in the form of the man Christ Jesus and pay the price for us, which was Christ’s death on the cross. All God has ever wanted is our love, He sent Jesus to be crucified, to absorb our debt so that we could be with Him forevermore. Yes the God I worship is Lord and Saviour to be honoured but He is also my Heavenly Father that loves me beyond measure, He gave His Son for me, the least I can do is live for Him. x

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Believe in Your Dreams My Friend

“Your message is so, so, so, so valuable. Each quote or passage has the opportunity to shine light into the dark corners and if we’re lucky, it will spill over a woman crouching there and fill her with the life she so deserves.

I am so honoured to be able to work with you to help others feel the presence they have forgotten” – quote from my beautiful editor and friend Assisi Chant ‪#‎believeinyourdream‬ ‪#‎beautifulcourageousyou‬

God has taken my broken pieces and made something beautiful x

beauty out of ashes


Camping out in the Land of Grace

“My grace is enough; it’s all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness” 2 Corinthians 12:9 MSG

May you receive a heart revelation of His Grace upon you, may you have wisdom to know that sufficient is His Grace for this day. Tomorrow with all it’s cares and concerns will have a sufficient measure of Grace dispensed… tomorrow.

Stop trying to use today’s Grace for tomorrows worries, when you wake to face another day Grace will be there for you just as sure as the sun will rise, El Shaddai – Our God – is all sufficient x


Breaking the Chains in Your Mind


Long before the ‘law of attraction’ was a trendy way to think and create your world, the same ‘law’ was written in the Word of God. The law of attraction is scriptural. “For as a man thinks in his heart, so he is…” Proverbs 23:7, NKJV. Scripture has a power and wisdom beyond our intellectual comprehension.

In a profound manner, our thinking can impose limitations or chains in our mind simply through meditating on the lies that you have been told, either by others or your own self-belief. If you believe a lie long enough it will manifest as being truth to you, a chain in your mind that keeps you from living the life you were created to live. Such chains bind up your thinking. Chains of fear, chains of unworthiness, chains of addiction, chains of guilt and whatever other chain you might choose to think into existence to bind you.

It is easy to become comfortable in these chains, accustomed to the limitations they impose. Before long, your reality becomes the thoughts you have been meditating on.
Allow me to illustrate what I believe Proverbs 23:7 “looks like.”

In some countries baby elephants are taken captive and trained to believe they are weak and unable to escape their captor. As a visitor to India you will often observe a chain staked to the ground and then wrapped around the ankle of a full-grown adult elephant. The chain is used to discipline and control the elephant, training her to believe she cannot break free. From the birth of the elephant, they periodically chain the elephant to the stake. As an infant elephant, the chain is strong enough to hold the animal in place. It is obvious that as an adult, the elephant is strong enough to pull the stake out of the ground to achieve freedom. Most amazing is the fact that even when the chain is wrapped around her ankle and not staked into the ground, she will remain as if she is restrained. How is it so that such a small chain could hold such a large elephant?

As an adult elephant, the chain is not strong enough to hold the animal in place; however, because the elephant has grown accustomed to the limitation of the chain, it never tries to escape. Ironically if the adult elephant had knowledge of her power, strength and ability she could crush her captors and everything else around her. Sadly, this beautiful, powerful animal has not been given the wisdom or understanding of her potential.The chain has her believe the lie that she is weak and a captive.

This example is a perfect metaphor of how, much like the chain, and often at a very young age, Satan takes us captive and we remain in bondage to lies and deception about our true worth, our true strength, and our true courage, power and beauty. Ask the Lord to show you what lies are you believing? What script are you playing since childhood? Now ask Him to erase this script and re-write a script of Truth on your heart and in your mind. x


Does Jesus Sit on His Hands?


“What God can prevent in His power, He permits in His wisdom” – Arthur Burt.

Childlike faith, it would seem, does not just happen for everyone. Like me, you may have many unanswered questions. Why didn’t God prevent this from happening? Why hasn’t He changed this situation? Sure enough, we have questioned why our path has led us through pain and sorrow, why should we have to suffer this way? After all, my husband and I have honoured and served God in all the ways we know possible, so how come things worked out this way? Did Jesus sit on His hands and let our babies death top the broken heart charts for my husband and I?

Many times people are perplexed that I choose to glorify God, they have questioned how I can still believe in God, let alone trust in His goodness? They perceive that when I was trusting in Him, He let me down?! I have grappled in my mind with these arguments for the past five years. Is God good? Does He love me? Why do bad things happen to good people? In fact, why do bad things happen at all? Finally, I grew tired of trying to figure it all out and made the choice to trust in the Word of God and as a result, my faith has been renewed and I have entered His rest. I rest in Him and choose to believe that God holds all of my tomorrow’s and come what may, He is good all the time… and all the time He is good. x


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